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My brief was to design a program and schedule for the Imaginevolution Music Festival. Through illustration, I had to present the evolution of life from desert to space. I created 4 illustrations, 1 each for desert, flourish, city, and space. My design intent was to use varied, vibrant, and bold color schemes along with illustrations to give unique feeling to the different stages.

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Ryan Seavy Photography

My brief was to design a portfolio gallery site for a photographer in Las Vegas, NV. The client wanted a modern and different approach for his portfolio. My design intent was to create a website that was fun to navigate but ultimately subtle to focus on the photography and information. To do this I used a dark color palette with sidebar navigator that allows the user to sort through the photographs in various ways. The site is fluid width and can be viewed in full screen with only the photographs as a background and small sidebar navigator.

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  • LetTheRainFall
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Presented here is a collection of different collateral that was either a single use design or miscellaneous project. Shown is illustrations, brochures, flyers, and web graphics.


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Personal Projects 2012

Whenever I’m not working with clients I like to spend time learning new techniques. Here I list personal projects from 2012.

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Smoking Reel

My brief was to design a promotional package for the Smoking Reel Film Festival. This included flyers, a DVD of the nights films, a poster and door tickets. My design intent was to use a literal smoking reel to be immediately eye-catching and present an overall moody theme for the package.

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Concrete Jungle

My brief was to create an exclusive promotional DVD package to attendees of the Concrete Jungle event. The paper DVD package folds up and is completely self contained. My design intent was to infuse organic lively flourish into a rough, dark, and grungy concrete theme.

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Healthy Extras

My brief was to design packaging for a brand of daily dog treats that target specific problems among certain breeds. My design intent was to use consistant elements for brand unity while varying color to promote very individual products. It was also important to provide information on the breed problems to raise awareness and prove product necessity.

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  • Various Logos
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Presented here is a collection of different branding and identity projects from various clients. Shown is logos, collateral for presented logos, web interfaces, and personal branding.